Synchronise complex actions

With Broadcast Controller, it's simple to have a single XKeys key press trigger a video to start playing on QLab, switch the program input of your ATEM Live Broadcast Switcher and adjust the audio level of any OSC compatible audio desk.

Integrates with

  • ATEM Switchers

    Change Program and Preview inputs or run any Macro. You can also trigger other actions when the input changes.

  • QLab

    Connect multiple QLab devices to trigger any Cue, or receive messages from QLab to run other actions.

  • XKeys

    Use XKeys to trigger as many actions as you want. Illuminate keys to show which input is live.

  • OSC

    Send and receive OSC messages, allowing you to control any OSC compatible device or software.


Feature Free Version Registered Version
Connect to multiple devices.
Automatic reconnect.
Change Program and Preview inputs.
Set the transition style.
Toggle Downstream Keyers and tie.
Toggle Upstream Keyers and tie.
Run any Macro.
Trigger an action when an input changes.
Connect to multiple devices.
Trigger actions with key presses.
Change key backlights.
Connect to multiple devices.
Automatic reconnect.
Start and stop any Cue.
Trigger an action via a Cue.
Control any OSC compatible device.
Trigger an action via an OSC message.
Build Actions intuitively.
Bind multiple Sources to an action.
Trigger multiple Destinations from an action.
Autosave/Autoload Actions.
Export Actions to XML.
Import Actions from XML.


Download version for Windows now.